Who is Uncompany?

Uncompany is a group for freelancers, the freelance curious, and clients who use freelancers. They offer support for the Triangle creative class with events, workshops, and an experienced network, as well as pairing companies with local creative professionals.  Uncompany believes that you don’t need an office to build a community and you don’t need a 9-5 to build a career.


How can they help my startup?

The founder of Uncompany, Maari Casey, will help the selected team with marketing and strategy. Using her ten plus years of experience working with companies such as Nike and Burt’s Bees, her goal will be to build the marketing strategy and the collateral necessary to build hype and get the world excited for the startup. This includes the practical side of marketing, such as logo design and print materials, as well as setting up a social media and initial marketing plan to attract the first customers.