Who Is Big Pixel?

Big Pixel is a UX, design, and development firm that focuses on building startups. They partner with each client and dig deep in order to understand the client’s vision and bring it to life as a web or mobile application.


How can they help my startup?

Once the idea is solid and any pivots are out of the way, the team at Big Pixel will be responsible for designing and developing the selected startup’s MVP (minimal viable product).

Our goal is to bring the founding team’s vision to reality. We will grab our markers (we always carry some with us) and whiteboard each screen, ask a million questions, and, once we are all satisfied with the plan, we start to build.

Throughout development, the founding team will be consulted regularly to make sure we are staying true to their vision until we are ready to launch. We will also help you build a marketing site that you can use to begin selling your idea to customers.